Ksusha, Your Live Wedding Painter.

Turning Special Moments into Cherished Art.

Ksusha specializes in live event painting and guest illustrations, turning special wedding moments into timeless art. Her unique talent captivates guests and creates beautiful keepsakes that can be cherished for generations.


ksusha live wedding painter in orlando



ksusha live wedding painter in orlando


ksusha live wedding painter in orlando

Why Choose Art by Ksusha?

A Keepsake for Generations

Ksusha's paintings and illustrations are beautiful keepsakes that capture the emotion and special moments of your wedding day.

Engaging Entertainment

Your guests will love watching the live painting and getting their own custom illustrations, making your wedding even more memorable.

Professional and Personalized Service

Ksusha customizes every part of her service to meet your needs, from the first meeting to the finished artwork.

Ready to take the next step?

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Phone Number

(727) 487-1401

Based in Tampa, Florida, I proudly serve clients worldwide.